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How Do I Create a File Using EZ-Web?

To create a ez-web html file where you can use our editor to create files, proceed to the Create File Page (as explained above). Once you reach that page, click the EZ-Web button and you will be taken to a page with many options.

  1. The first option is to give the file a file name. This option is required or your file will not be able to be saved. If you want the file to appear on the web, name it something.html.
  2. The next two text boxes allow you to enter a page description and keywords. These are optional fields and are used to add your pages to search engines (meta tags) and allow your page to be found when someone searches through your host's site.
  3. The Page title field is used to make a page title that will appear as the name for your window when someone visits your page, just as this page has the title "HomeFree Web Page FAQ 2". While a title is not a required tag, it is key to making a page that users will like and return to.
  4. The Background color option allows you to select a solid color for the background of your page. This is also not required but you may want to use a color to make your page lindeterminesk more life like. Just remember to pick a text color that works with the background!
  5. The background image option allows you to select from a list of predefined images for a background image. Background images will automatically tile (fill up the whole screen) and override any background color. To preview an image, select the image from the drop down list and then click the image icon.
  6. Text color determines the default font color for your page. You should always pick a color so old browsers can view your page properly, even if that color is black.
  7. The link color is the color that links will appear in before they are visited by a user. This is not required and browsers will show their default colors of you do not select one.
  8. The visited link color works exactly the same as link color only it is the color of a link after the user has viewed the page.
  9. Drop down list options: These options can be added, deleted, moved or edited at any time.
    * Text - this allows you to insert a section of text into your webpage.
    * Link - allows you to make a link to another file in your site or to another site. The link url is the url to send the user to. The link text is the text that appears for the link and the mouseover text is text that will appear in the status bar when a suer's mouse passes over the site.
    * Image - this allows you to insert an image anywhere in your page. The image can be one of your own or one from the pre made images list. You should specify the image height and width to save on load time. You also can align the image to the left, center or right to make it fit into your page.
    * New Line - this tells the page to start your next image or link or text on the next line instead of the same line.
    * Email link - this lets people click a link or fill out a form to send you an email. You can select text or an image for the link.
    * Start Font - this allows you to select a specific font to use such as a certain height or style or face or even bold/underline.
    * End Font - this ends your previously started font so that the rest of your page does not reflect the settings of that font.
    * Horizontal Rule - this creates a thin line across your page (Horizontally) to divide content.

Once you have create a page you can either preview it or save it. You may come back and edit a saved page whenever you want using the editor. You can not however use EZ-Web to edit a hand coded page.

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