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How Do I Create a File Using Templates?

To create a plain html file where you can insert whatever code you would like, proceed to the Create File Page (as explained above). Once you reach that page, you will be shown several options including the option to use the ez-editor and/or make a page from html code by hand. You will also see a list of Templates along with a brief description of each template. These templates allow you to fill in a few fields and create a simple and standard web page. The fields for templates will vary but they normally will contain a few normal options like Bg Color which sets the back background color. Page name, which sets the name for the page. Text/ Link color which set the text and link colors for the entire page. Other options will vary but should be mostly self-explanatory and simple to use. When you are done filling out a template form, you will have the option to either save the template or preview it. Saving it makes the page a part of your web directory (with the file name chosen by you). You can later edit a template created file if you would like.

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