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How Do I View File Types?

One of our newest and most helpful features is the ability to view certain file types in each directory. By viewing only one or two file types, you can greatly reduce the load time of your file manager and you will also find that browsing through your files becomes much more simply. You can select the file types to browse when logging into your account or once you have logged in.

  1. Viewing by all types or not selecting any viewing preference to view will show every file of any type in the current directory.
  2. Viewing html files will show only files with the file name .htm, .html or .shtml.
  3. Viewing by images will display any file with a .gif, .jpg or .jpeg extension.
  4. Viewing by other will display any other allowed file types that are not html or image files.

To make new file type viewing preferences be reflecte reflectedin your file listing, click the "Refresh Current Directory" button.

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